2011.May.13, 12:50 PM
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Why do I never get the supposed travel discount? I have a rep of 5 and have seen it once. I think that this is by far the most useless stat in the game. I'm not gonna spend 45$ per point on trainers and the travel discount never shows up, so is there any point to it at all? I think it should be changed so that you get 5% off travel for every level of rep u have, otherwise its just useless stat.

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2011.May.13, 01:19 PM
RE: Reputation
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I like this idea. I think I have seen the discount a few times but it was months ago and normally when I travel to downtown. Not very helpful.

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2011.May.13, 03:16 PM
RE: Reputation
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even when i do get a rep bonus they are never much of a discount.

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2011.May.13, 10:58 PM
RE: Reputation
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she should make it a permanent discount.

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2011.May.16, 02:43 AM
RE: Reputation
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(2011.May.13 10:58 PM)Monk Wrote:  she should make it a permanent discount.

2011.May.16, 10:00 AM
RE: Reputation
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you guys upped your rep? mine is still at 2, and i think the last time i traveled to underground i got like $100 off.

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2011.May.16, 12:35 PM
RE: Reputation
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I was actually thinking they either don't travel much or they haven't been in enuff hosp wars... OR they're just unlucky!

The idea is nice but i just don't see it happening. Still miracles happen every day.....

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