Exp Roll Back
2006.Jul.27, 07:03 AM
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microsoft is crap, use firefoxSmile
2006.Jul.28, 08:08 PM
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This happened to me too. I was almost in level 9 (more 2 or 3 exp) and i lost everything. Guess 'm no longer in the mood for playing. Lost to much time to continue motivated. Sad
2006.Jul.31, 07:22 AM
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Ok it has happened 2 more times using firefox and no other browser open. Always happens just about the time I am about to level to 6, then rollback to 0 exp on 5. Again one time on attack, I left them for the exp then went back to home and 0 exp, the last time I pickpockted a drifter succeeded then rolled back to 0 exp.

I deleted IE and went with Firefox as suggested but still happening, any assistance would be great. Thanks
2006.Jul.31, 07:27 AM
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Are you guys using your back button and forward buttons on the browser? Because I did that just now right after I fought someone it ended in a stalemate and for some reason I used my back button and it put me back in the fight. I hit the forward button and it said I ran from the fight and lost all my xp. I was 125 xp into lvl 3 = /
2006.Jul.31, 07:29 AM
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I'm not I think its some sort of bug
2006.Jul.31, 09:04 AM
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Just in case, when you get close to level 6 (again), just do crimes to get to level 6. It might be a bug with the specific levl gain from 5-6.