Issues with phone
2010.Jul.08, 09:20 PM
Issues with phone
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I use a Black Berry Tour. Lately (i think a couple weeks) when i click on "skills" i just get a black/blank screen.

i also have some issues when it coms to training. I click on "train" and nothing happens. This par could be on my end, yet it's only recently that i've had either of these problems.

Anyone else? comments?
2010.Jul.08, 09:30 PM
RE: Issues with phone
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You try opera mini?

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2010.Jul.09, 06:00 PM
RE: Issues with phone
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(2010.Jul.08 09:30 PM)zenith Wrote:  You try opera mini?

that did the trick. it's strange that it just stopped working on my BB browser, i did a battery pull and cleared the cache... *shrug*

thanks for the help. it was getting really annoying lol