Concealment rating
2010.Apr.10, 05:01 PM
Concealment rating
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What does it do? Every armor over the SiC has a rating of 0.

Is it linked with mugging prevention? Vest and Jacket seems to be the best, cause of multiple pockets?

Or is that also a lost code idea?

Thank you

Quote:2M Power Armor T1 0
2M Power Armor T2 0
2M Power Armor T3 0
2M Power Armor L1 - Light Assault 0
2M Power Armor L2 - Light Assault 0
2M Power Armor L3 - Light Assault 0
Composite Armor - TiB2 0
Composite Armor - B4C 0
Composite Armor - SiC 1
Composite Armor - AL2O3 1
Dyneema Trenchcoat 3
Dyneema Vest 4
AA303 Military Vest 3
Secure-Coat Longcoat 5
Secure-Coat Jacket 5
Secure-Coat Vest 7
Kevlar Jacket 6
Kevlar Vest 6
Armored Jacket 3
Armored Clothing 4
Armored Vest 4

(I did not check the "uniques")

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2010.Apr.10, 06:20 PM
RE: Concealment rating
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Maybe that should be added to the wiki too?
2010.Apr.10, 06:25 PM
RE: Concealment rating
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Found this now


Legality of item (whether it is legal or illegal)

Availability Rating (does not apply to any item available in stores, high numbers mean the item is harder to obtain)

Concealment Rating (ability to hide item from view, the higher the number the easier it is to hide)

Weight (items are in kilograms for simplicity of coding)

Not all information is currently in use, but will be used in future additions to the game.

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2010.Apr.12, 08:08 AM
RE: Concealment rating
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So basically anything above SiC is impossible to conceal. Which makes sense as we're wandering around in full MJOLNIR battle suits, it's kinda hard to disguise that.

I've added this to the page on the wiki, and updated the links from the Armor and Weapons page.
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