Help with career
2010.Mar.03, 08:41 PM
Help with career
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I need some help with the initial money of each career, NOT THE CONVERSION RATE! I already know that the initial money for construction is $10 an hour.
2010.Mar.03, 08:47 PM
RE: Help with career
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What does it matter? It doesnt account for any serious money.

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2010.Mar.03, 08:54 PM
RE: Help with career
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I'm confused with what your asking us for.
2010.Mar.03, 09:03 PM
RE: Help with career
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maybe he's asking us what career gives the best money or how much each career gives cash per hour... Rolleyes you should see the AL wiki for that.. Idea
2010.Mar.03, 09:26 PM
RE: Help with career
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he cares because he is level 5. the best $$ career is manufacturing

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2010.Mar.04, 05:15 PM
RE: Help with career
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Sorry guys, my idiot younger brother posted this behind my back "trying" to help me and I just found out like ten minutes ago. Please don't post anymore replies unless you want to randomly chat. Sorry to waste your time... and goodbye. P.s. I'm a level six now whoever said I'm a level five lol. P.s.s. BOOM![/size]