2010.Feb.27, 03:14 PM
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What is the best weapon for me to get into?
2010.Feb.27, 04:42 PM
RE: Weapons
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First you equip your Apple Bottom Jeans and Boots wit da Furrr!
Then equip your Gucci handbag
2010.Feb.27, 05:47 PM
RE: Weapons
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Most people put their money towards housing and fight with only their fists. Otherwise CC has some great advise. Cant go wrong either way.

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2010.Feb.27, 05:49 PM
RE: Weapons
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Go with whatever you want.
2010.Feb.27, 06:01 PM
RE: Weapons
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If your going melee I would do longblade or axe. Range I would do shotgun.
2010.Feb.27, 06:05 PM
RE: Weapons
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long blade if you are going to be a very small to non donator.... endurance requirements get to be a pain, but in long blade they arent too bad... long blade is a great pvp weapon...just is kinda poopy in hideout hits

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2010.Mar.03, 04:51 PM
RE: Weapons
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fight with your fists

You attacked and hit for 761 damage against their hideout! Too bad nobody cares!