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The Elders Last Gang Standing I AAR - Sam I Am - 2006.Sep.19 07:32 PM

Thanks again to everyone who participated.

I would like to get everyone's thoughts on the event.

What do you think worked well?

What do you think could use some improvement?

If you could change something about it what would it be?

Please only post serious comments.

- LuparKoor - 2006.Sep.19 07:51 PM



- Sam I Am - 2006.Sep.19 07:56 PM

I knew you would appreciate that.

- Jack Daniels - 2006.Sep.19 07:58 PM

LuparKoor Wrote:LOL


Replies should be made only by those who had the gnads to enter lol

- matt5250 - 2006.Sep.19 09:36 PM

I think that for a first run it went very well and no one could really have expected any more from it. Something I would change would be the day it is held on. Personally I can get on and play fairly often while at work but monday morning/afternoon is probably not the best time for a lot of people who either go to school or work a 9-5 job. I think a weekend date would be better in the future.

- Druchii - 2006.Sep.19 10:46 PM

hehe well it went very smooth.

on the other side, everyone shoulda known from the beginning who was gonna win, or atleast have a pretty good idea about it. but 15000 is a neat prize for just getting beat up a few times.

would be nice with a system that put evenly matched gangs up against each other ya know. would give us with weak gangs a chance. well we wont be weak for long Wink

- hawk187 - 2006.Sep.20 04:25 AM

I thought it was a blast, some of the most fun in this game in awhile. Prize or no prize I thought it was alot of fun, I would do it again even if there was no prize involved. Only changes is to try to figure out a way for it to last a little longer, hell there we even times I couldn't find anyone to go after all were in hospital or serious condition. Overall was a great event and thanks to all the sponsored and maintaned

- TwoDogs - 2006.Sep.20 07:11 AM

Thanks to everyone for organizing, putting this tourney on and supplying the prizes. I had a great time. I would agree on the day, a weekend would be much better for the Kidz. Everyone could be involved. Also I think a little longer between the first round and finals. I know I was a little burnt from playing 5 hours and needed a break. Maybe a set time for the first round (6 hours?) an hour break to sort the scores and a final based on the 20 point rule. Gangs are allowed to surrender if they lose too many points (minimum 10?)

PS: Next time I wanna see some Pirates and Janus, no Elders though. LOL

- Chris Mangano - 2006.Sep.20 10:00 AM

We actually thought about breaking it up into rounds but we were worried gangs would lose/gain respect during "breaks." However, I thought all gangs did a good job of stopping their attacks on gangs that got eliminated, so maybe next time we will.

I was very surprised at how fast the tournament went. I figured knocking a gang down 20 respect would take a while with all those gangs to attack, I guess I didn't take into account the Darkenswrath factor :wink:

- LuparKoor - 2006.Sep.20 01:33 PM

Jack Daniels Wrote:Replies should be made only by those who had the gnads to enter lol

Before any battle, our resident analyst creates combat assessments, assessing enemy vulnerabilities and capabilities, along with their possible courses of action.

Through an in depth collection process, taking into account collection requirements and Intelligence gaps, we were able to create a very detailed and precise outline of enemy COA's and our best responses.

Doing so lead to the foresight that Bad Kidz would win, hands down, and bad babiez would take second. Most probably course of action in case of any enemy conflict would be for the highest level player to take out our highest level players, and let his lower levels then take out our lower levels. This would effectively prevent us from countering their rep farming. In Awakenedlands, 5 level 8's don't have any chance of beating a single level 14 who has decent stats and a decent weapon. So under these circumstances, it would be a bad decision to ignore such intelligence and base it off "gnads" (properly spelled "nads", the diminutive form of "gonads") and would only lead to our losing respect.

For this reason, Theafers chose wisely not to compete. Losing respect from a gang with 5 unlocked slots, is too much when the only thing to gain from it would be $15000.