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Full Version: credit/item market transactions
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Ok, so recently I mugged someone and raked a fair killing from them. Basic reason is, cash from credits and items bought from the market go straight to onhand rather than bank. Can this be changed to go straight to bank, because it feels like a cheap way of taking money- any transactions like that should, really, go through the bank accounts, IMO. If you know, or can figure out, who's selling on the market, you could effectively just buy all their goods, then mug them and nick it back.


i think you should be able to see who is selling on the credit and item market, it will make it more fun, and you would also be able to offer them a different price and know whos selling it.

they should put it into thier bank when it sells.
So if you're selling credits you need to be online 24/7 365? Or should you only post credits when you're online and take them off the market before you get off, man that's annoying! #1 you shouldn't have so many credits on the market that people know you put them there and buy them then mug you. Instead of placing over 6000 credits on the market all at once, try and place 1-200. No one would guess who put them on the market!


the voice of experience eh wolverine? yeah I don't like the idea of the seller being posted, at least not as a mandatory thing. I do like the idea of the money going straight to your bank account though, good thinking.


I agree, for large transactions like that, since youre going through a "third party" to place the items or credits on the market, and you are offline when they sell, how is it you are "there" to accept the money at sale? They should goto the bank or a holding account, not your wallet.


maybe if you're online, the cash goes onhand to reflect that, if you're offline- through the bank account?

Or if that's awkward, permanently through account.


name should be displayed its more fun, thats my opinion, it would bring abit more interaction in the game, instead of 'someone brought your credits/item' it should be 'XXXX brought your credits/item'
This issue was addressed a long time ago.

Mugging someone to take their cash is part of the game. If it's not wanted, then it can be removed from combat options. But it is definitely part of combat for a reason -- those who carry a ton of cash will always be at risk.

I know people don't like having things taken from them. But I don't think making the market completely riskless by putting all cash received immediately in the bank is the answer.

You cannot see who's selling credits because people wanted something a little more anonymous. It can't get more anonymous than that, but there will always be someone who gets a lucky mugging in and swipes 65K in one hit (or two).

I can see a solution that would be considered a posting option.
  • All postings will be with the person's name listed.
  • If the person posting credits/items on the market wants to remain anonymous, then it will cost them a fee.
  • If the person selling wants the cash immediately deposited into their bank account, it will cost them a transfer fee.
We are entering our ninth month of operations and there have been 35 muggings that netted the attacker more than $5,000 in cash. 17 of these were due to 1 player who has been retired for awhile. So in 258 days there have been 18 other attacks that resulting in $5,000+ cash being taken. Since there have been over 100,000 attacks, this is almost so rare that it's a wonder why the option is still available for combat.


Just offering a direct deposit for a fee would be suitable I believe.


Like a real bank, the more options you want, the more you pay. I can agree with that. If you do not want the inconvienance you pay for it.
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