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Full Version: mail to referrals
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i believe we should be able to mass mail to our referrals, kind of like how "bloodlines" work on other games.

since this could be annoying... i guess.. maybe limit this message to once per day or once per hour, but it would be a lot easier than messaging each referral individually until you get in contact with each one.

would be a nice addition for those players - like my greedy self - who have 10 or more active referrals that they would like to keep in contact with
oh, and maybe a "last action" for them as well.


Friend list???

I don't think the server would like me to send mass mails to all my referrals every now and then (although it mustn't take that much space??)
soooo add all my referrals to friends list? :/ the problem is that friends list cant be sorted, its automatically sorted by ID #, and then i would STILL have to look through them individually etc

mass mail 2 friends list..?? :O :O woot


Give poptart the ability to mass mail? I have no comment. Actually, that would make for some fun reading!
cheetah you arent on my referrals list!!

and i believe weve had this convo - youre not on my friends list either Wink no mail for u!!!!


so back to voting on the day, say, once a month, where we can attack our own gang members Smile
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