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Mugs, shirts, you name it Smile How cool would that be?

Yes, Eagle it would say Awakened Lands on the front left side of the polo with FORUM MODERATOR under it. Smile

My wife yelled at me today for playing all night the other night... So I want merchandise that will FOLLOW me all day. Smile

And I thank you!
perhaps a few with slogans

"Zen went to decataur and all she got me was this lousy tshirt"

"I heart AL"

"Virtual guns dont kill people, virtual bullets do"

"cheer yourself up, hospitalize a rapper"


andyscho Wrote:"cheer yourself up, hospitalize a rapper"

How about a gangster though???


gotta add the option of getting your referral code on the shirt. for extra money, of course.


andyscho Wrote:perhaps a few with slogans

"cheer yourself up, hospitalize a rapper"

LMAO, thats just funny. id buy that one, just so i could laugh at it everyday. Biggrin
Zenith get with Eagle he can print some NICE stuff! Smile hmmm, I want royalties! payable in massive amounts of credits... Smile


Before even considering this look at the cost effectiveness:

To create merchandise means the creator has to take time apart from their already undue stress and frustrations of this work.
Go to some store, go to a logo/brand location that can print on items,
Get it done correctly, come up with a formatting standard,
figure out all the different items-mugs, shirts, hats, keychains, pants(?), wristbands, mousepads, etc...
And worste of all.
Deal with the hassle of shipping it and giving time-lines and keeping track of the shipment to make sure it doesn't get lost in the process and keep up with the financial end of actually being paid for that and keeping the customer happy of it being sent to them on a timely-basis.

geesh, I can't believe I wrote all that.

Zenith, that post was for you if you were to consider this post as an added option to the game. for possible profit/ possible uncomprehendable headaches.
Hey Ushanewnewba, thanks for "throwing me under the bus"! (I do "side" projects for a novelty store)

I've talked to Zenith and might start off something small for now, see how it goes and then maybe go from there.

Also IF I make these, I will be making one for Zenith that has on the front:
Game Creator

Then one for her boyfriend:

hehe lol :roll:


chiefeagle, would you believe I've never ever considered running a business before?

P.S. sorry for it being a little off topic.

I'm just one to analyze and speculate things to death too much when it comes to responsibilities and chances.


I'm working on opening my own screenprinting/embroidery shop. I have been asked to make shirts for the Sesame Street Mafia seeing as some of us are RL friends. If you seriously want a shirt email me in game & I'll throw some prices at you depending on what you want. Be as specific as possible.

But only if Zenith gives me permission to use of course!! :wink:
Also if your already working on this with Eagle then I'll respectfully withdraw offer.
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