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OK, this a long and somewhat complicated idea so I'm breaking it down into two parts. Basically, what it boils down to is eventually after purchasing X number of cyberware upgrades to every stat, you will be given the option to go fully cybernetic (a brain in a cyborg body) At this point, your humanity will have the ability to go negative but will refresh much faster as your subconscious longs to be human once more. Now your gym trains will no longer be effected by endurance and happiness, instead by your endurance and how low your humanity is. You will need to purchase cyber upgrades on a fairly regular basis to recieve the same bonus as, say, someone in a Midlan House or Villa. And the total cash cost to even GO full cybernetic would be well beyond that of the Villa as well. The plus side to all this expenditure, however, is no longer needing to wait for happiness refreshes to recieve your bonus to trains. Every point you train will always be at max bonus. I think this will be balanced by the much higher cash cost to become fully cybernetic and to maintain a low humanity. As well as the long amount of time spent with a very slow happiness refresh rate before you get to full cyborg.

Now part two. We've already seen the Status of Cyborg/Human in players, and I, along with the help of many other in the community, have hosted some very fun Cyborg invasion events. What this part of the idea pertains to is bringing the Invasion into an all out War. Every week, the number of Human and Cyborg kills will be maintained in a database, calculated much like gang war respect points and power ratings. Whenever a Human kills a Cyborg or vise versa, those points go into a pool and at the end of the week, a winner is determined and given a bonus to either XP, Cash made from crimes or some other such boon. The winner will be recalculated every week and one side or the other will recieve the bonus based on the winner. This system would be totally independent of gang wars and would not prevent people from attacking Cyborg to Cyborg or Human to Human.

That about sums it up, if I left anything out I'll add more later, or if you see a potential problem, mention it and I'll try to explain my thinking on it.


Give me my 10 mils back and I'll accept to see my villa become useless because I tried to boost my stats a little bit. Wink


Why not make the borgs what they really are? Machine with unlimited energy but for a short period of time then they need to refill their battery for many hours? :evilsmirk:


thats actually not a bad idea. Could have Humans suited to those who can log in various times throughout the day and have Cyborgs built more for those who can log in for an extended period, but only a few times a day.
Personally, I hate the idea of being able to enhance stats with cash...that takes no time, just wait till you are ready to go to bed, then buy the surgery......i think there should be more bad for them than 2


If theres more bad than good, there is no point to being cyber. You'd be willingly putting yourself at a disadvantage. I think it should, instead, be another play style.


There already is more bad than good. You can build up a stat level in 1-2 days. Instead I've paid millions to bring my refresh speed significantly down. I think we should be able to sell our cyber crap to the next poor soul who doesn't know what he's getting himself in to.


Eww!! Used parts??

Calm down Jonnhy Nmemonic...


Shuma, you're gonna be the last person I invite over when I have my pool party in my new house bought with all the money I make from my cybersale


that sounds dirty

anyone wanna buy a cyber eye?
ill take your cyber eye, ive lost the cue ball from my pool table. Biggrin

personally i love the idea of human vs cyborg in the end however as many people have already bought the cyborg gear i feel the switch over would be difficult to remain fair.

I personally think if you take your humanity to zero you are then given the option to become cyborg. Id then switch happiness to power. But keep the refesh rates as they are. You have paid for short term gain over long term trains. This was made clear in the beginning, why move the goal posts now. However as a trade off perhaps when you convert to cyborg you get +1 END and INT to compensate for now effectively being a robot.
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