Best Weapon in AL?!
2007.Mar.17, 01:20 PM
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Not neccesarily. Those NPC's rob miltary trucks and what not every so often. That stuff just appears on the market Biggrin lol
2007.Mar.17, 01:55 PM
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Quote:So if its real, where is it legitly bought? It doesn't just appear from the market!
Someone has to add it, therefore it can only be a "knife"

You don't get it. Smile Buying a 200k knife signed by "somebody" will give you the "eternal" gratitude of that "somebody". Now let's say that "somebody" is a level 30. Doesn't that really mean that you just bought the most powerful weapon?
2007.Mar.17, 02:04 PM
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2007.Mar.17, 02:07 PM
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It's a game... How much time can you talk about a scam w/o naming it a SCAM.
2007.Mar.17, 02:35 PM
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lol I'll guess about another week until people get bored of it and start another thread where we can make up info on items and sell them for a rediculously high price.
2007.Mar.17, 03:10 PM
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It would rule if you could change the name of the item even slightly... "Selling the ..... drumroll.... Butter-Knife for 1 million. You'll starve w/o it...."