Game Updates for July 2009
2009.Sep.01, 02:46 AM
Game Updates for July 2009
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  • After reviewing data, eliminated some old hospitalization bonuses for defenders. The new code made the old bonuses for defenders too powerful.

  • Added a checkbox toggle on the mail pages. Clicking it will inverse all checkmarks, so if none are checked all will be. If some are checked, the inverse will be checked.
  • Added a "mark as read" option to the gang mail pages.

  • Combat with NPCs will be a bit more like fighting an active player. Sometimes they will have some bonuses, and other times they will not.

  • Added a travel discount based on reputation. When traveling to another part of the city, every now and then you will meet someone who will do it for a discount. How often that discount happens and how much it is will be based on your reputation rating. The higher the rating, the higher the discount and more often it appears.

  • Repealed the XP penalty for easy fights. Will look for better solution. Tough fights still give bonuses, but not as much.

  • Decreased the bonus to attack for opponents who are hospitalized multiple times by the same attacker. This part of the code was merely to make their resistance go up, not their attack power.
  • Reduced the reduction rate of hospital times based on multiple attacks on the same opponent. There is still reduction, just not as drastic.
  • Further tweaked hospitalizer's strength to reduce less with more attacks.
  • Reduction of XP is no longer half at the moment.
  • Fixed loophole where player could attack others without any repercussions with the new attack code.
  • Added a weighted system to determine if hosp reduction should happen or not based not only on total attacks but the type of attack. This should eliminate some loopholes while providing a more appropriate account on who's hosp time should be reduced.

  • Increased the effectiveness of armor, helmets, resistance, and defense skills against weapon skills for more balance.
  • Brought back a tweaked form of our ancient hospitalization code where the defender got increasingly tougher to defeat the more they were hospitalized by the same attacker in a 24-hour period.
  • Hospital minutes have been reworked, being reduced the more often a player is attacked.
  • All the hospital minute changes above are ignored during gang wars.
  • If the player who is being attacked constantly in return attacks others, the reduction of minutes and increased resistance is lessened.
  • Increased XP gains for difficult fights, and reduced XP for easy ones. If a fight does a lot of damage to you or almost none, you will see a notification on the same line as the experience earned for the fight.
  • The XP tweaks will be monitored and tweaked as time goes on.
  • Added more combat tracking for future use.

  • Added some javascript "are you sure you want to do this" checks for selling items in your inventory and sending items to others to help prevent accidental confirmation. Javascript is required for the check to work however.
  • Improved speed of multiple selected email deletion.

  • Slightly increased the effectiveness of armor handling.

  • Increased minimum resistance range of armor. For example, if an armor normally resisted damage from 1 to 10, the 1 has been increased based on the armor.
  • Improved effectiveness of certain helmets.

  • Fixed issue in forums where new private message notifications were displaying broken links.

  • Added electronics skill to skill list. The electronics skill will pertain to the new DeMag items also released today. The electronics skill is a knowledge-based skill to determine how well you understand and how experienced you are at using DeMag and related items.
  • DeMag items are used to defeat MagLocks, locks Awakenedlands uses. It's current use is to bust yourself out of jail.
  • Along with new DeMag items, we have 3 new "Power Armors". Power armors are mechanical suits geared not only at protecting in combat, but temporarily altering stats.
  • Along with the new skill and items, many different tweaks have been introduced.
  • Items that have a limited inventory have their stock listed on the store page.
  • New shipments of items will be made periodically to restock store shelves.
  • Temporary stat attributes are visible on the home page. Negative values are listed in red, while positive are green.
  • Temporary attribute modifications through items stack in an odd way. Future additions will have more stat altering options, but the highest positive modifier for one stat is always the max you can modify something. However, multiple negative modifiers stack. Modifiers can never drop a stat below 1. For example, wearing two items that improve strength by +5 and +3 will result in a +5 rating. Wearing two items that decrease strength by -2 and -4 will result in a -6 rating.
  • Added Electronics section to the Item Market.

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