Game Updates for February 2009
2009.Sep.01, 02:44 AM
Game Updates for February 2009
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  • Enrico Balazar has been studying combat techniques with an axe specialist, so be wary.

  • Tweaked the inventory page a bit. Clicking on the name of an item gives you the info screen for that item. The info link has been removed.
  • Underneath the hood this update lets us add new item types without messing up formatting and other pages pertaining to item use.

  • Fixed potential php exploit created from a server software upgrade.

  • Added the new Febiani 301 shielding belt and a double Stim-pak to the normal shops that carry similar items.
  • Added a Happy Guru trainer for Rep 8 players. Same as the former trainer, but with less happiness loss.

  • Fixed a few PHP alerts where the gang page was using older PHP code that was depreciated.

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