Gym training question
2009.Jul.29, 08:48 AM
Gym training question
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Would you get better trains after upgrading your house (50 extra happiness) or upgrading your endurance by 1 point? Note that I will likely not be donating real money for credts and based on $250/credit it's 1k per dev point in endurance but at the moment I'm at a fairly low level so it would take less money to get the endurance upgrade then the house.
2009.Jul.29, 08:49 AM
RE: Gym training question
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endurance always.

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2009.Jul.29, 11:01 AM
RE: Gym training question
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(2009.Jul.29 08:49 AM)superdude Wrote:  endurance always.

I could raise my endurance 4 points, and more than likely still not get as much back as 50 happiness points. Endurance, however, never goes away, so you'll always have that bonus available.
2009.Jul.29, 11:49 AM
RE: Gym training question
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Yeah, I think I'm reaching the point where I'll start to need endurance for item requirements soon so I'll likely start trying to raise that. Or I could spend it on a house, see what the training difference is, then downgrade the house and up End to see the difference.
2009.Jul.29, 12:17 PM
RE: Gym training question
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Do the house first, if you dont really like it then you can always sell it and buy credits.
2009.Jul.29, 12:24 PM
RE: Gym training question
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rememba if u upgrade the endurance u can never buy back the house unless you get more money. =)
2009.Jul.29, 02:27 PM
RE: Gym training question
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I did a quick forum search to try and find it,
but my search skills aren't quite at the level of the Thunder-god's,

but I've read a very helpful thread by abysmalpoptart regarding the math breakdown of the pro's and con's of endurance vs. housing (happiness)

In fact,
I've found his calculations to be extremely helpful in a wide variety of AL related topics. He's got excellent math skills as it relates to game-issues, and, although I don't want to volunteer anyone, I'm fairly sure he wouldn't mind a PM asking him for the info you're seeking.

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2009.Jul.29, 05:26 PM
RE: Gym training question
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There's this 1 here, where AB and Zeon argue a bit about the formula and results:
2009.Jul.29, 06:04 PM
RE: Gym training question
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thor is the forum god of search Biggrin go thor!!!

long story short, it dpnds on how much it costs you!!!

use the formula that zeon provided, its PRETTY close, and basically, when buying a house is cheaper than buying endurance, buy the house. immediately!!

usually its better to go straight for the villa (600 happiness), then start getting some endurance (to about 12 or so), then get the ranch (700 happiness), get to 15-16 endurance (more if you like!!!), then save for a midlan house.

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2009.Jul.29, 09:07 PM
RE: Gym training question
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i went housing and then endurance....worked out alright for me...didn't someone say that 5 levels of endurance is equal to 100 happiness...

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