Game Updates for October 2008
2008.Nov.01, 02:04 AM
Game Updates for October 2008
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  • Found a bug in the contest. It's not unfair now.

  • For a trial-period, youngins to the game are not attackable unless they have hit someone already or are attacked by someone of the same age.

  • Optimized a few pages that were causing lag on the entire server.

  • Updated and simplified registration page.
  • Referral links are now tracked even if the new sign-up deletes the referral code.

  • Implemented new server security policies to help prevent flood-attacks and brute-force hack attempts that have been lagging the server lately.
  • Added new monitoring tools for myself and Err to help notify us in the case of another flood attempt.

  • Reconfigured the item market for ease of use. Each type of item has its own section, and prices are color-coded for those with active donator days.
  • Fixed issue with the FightLog where the incorrect health status of your opponent was displaying for certain health levels.
  • Fixed white layout display of item market for "white" cost items.

  • Added 3 new computer crimes. They are location-specific, and are at the moment only available in Midlan, Underground, and the Beach. More to come.

  • Added 2 new organized crimes for large gangs (12 and 15 members required).

  • New players receive 2 days of donator status instead of one.
  • Item market now restricts purchases when that item will put you over your encumbrance limit.

  • Due to a growing number of encumbrance system issues, your encumbrance capacity will now dictate the maximum amount of equipment you can carry.
  • You can now only retrieve items from storage if they do not put you over your encumbrance capacity.
  • Shops now limit your purchases to what you can carry in weight.

  • Streamlined our webserver to improve site performance and attempt to eliminate the random long-load times we have during mid-day.

  • Have to love RAID on a server. We had a hard drive fail today and were able to restore it with a new drive without having to take the server down.

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin