Game Updates for November 2008
2008.Dec.01, 02:23 AM
Game Updates for November 2008
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  • Added a few new NPCs to the game. What they arrived for no one knows. Perhaps there will be a future story. The Balazar gang has been training their skills lately, so you may see some differences with them.
  • Added a new shop, Jed's Construction, and 5 new weapons. They are for hideout battles, but can be used in combat (not the most effective however). For those with weapons in the 30-level range and up, you probably won't be upgrading with these new items for hideout attacks.
  • Reduced the Dual Black Talon Pistol endurance requirement to be more in tune with other weapons of it's strength.
  • New NPCs are now attackable.
  • Made shop item names clickable so you can read their item description page.
  • Fixed three potential exploits that have never been used due to an upgrade with PHP. As usual, we don't detail exploit fixes.

  • Fixed minor issue with attack logs stating it shows the last 10 opponents when it actually shows 25.

  • Added your last vote time to the voting lists. Should help on sites that reset your vote only after 24 hours have passed since your last vote rather than being reset at midnight.
  • Fixed game stat page to show proper crime success percentage.

  • Fixed a few layout issues with numbered lists, primarily an Internet Explorer quirk where some numbers were covered up by a red border.

  • Added a voting booth for top rpg voting sites. As a test run there are no kickbacks to voting like other games give. There may be incentives to voting in the future based on the response. This is aimed at increasing our exposure.
  • Added a third voting site.

  • Added HP Healing items to Guido the Fence and the Beach Pawn Shop.
  • Added Guru trainer for reputation 7 players.
  • Fixed gang mail bug where a subject with no text would be unclickable.

  • Added a gag-gift collectibles shop in Industrial.

  • Added prized for the Halloween contests to the winners.
  • Altered friends list most added to show the most added ACTIVE players.

  • New items available in level 60 district finally.
  • Some belts from the level 60 district have been moved to Argyles Armory.

  • Adjusted the newest weapon stat requirements.
  • Lowered the endurance requirement and boosted the trainable stat requirements.

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