Gang Wars
2006.Nov.12, 12:39 PM
Gang Wars
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Gang wars seem to be a funny thing. A Gang declared war on us and 2 other gangs yesterday in which we were very successful, I guess too succesful. Now, what seems like every gang has declared war on us for defending ourselves. I guess I shouldn't bother longing on for a few days because I am about to get a permanent bed in the hospital. I am really not complaining. It's just a gang and it was fun attacking for a while. Not looking forward to being on the other end.

On another note, are we being attacked because the respect? If so, what good is the respect? I mean obviously there are 5 or 10 gangs stronger than us even though our respect is high (for maybe another hour).

I am looking to hire a hitman to take out around 30 members of other gangs if anyoen is interested. Pay sucks and its long hours. hehe lol

EDIT: Geez, I type this message go back and I have already been attacked by 2 people.
2006.Nov.12, 01:00 PM
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Some Elders are always "for hire".......but we ain't cheap.
2006.Nov.12, 01:05 PM
if i recall
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But your gang declared on us.
2006.Nov.12, 01:08 PM
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I know we did, but I told you we were paid to get ya'll to back off another gang. and I stopped atacking early yesterday because ya'lls respect was getting low. Trust me, I know how ya'll felt now. We also surrendered early yesterday and ya'll haven't accepted.

Which brings me to a question I haven't seen answered before about disbanded gangs. At what point does a gang get disbanded? If it drops to a certain respect level? and what number is it?
2006.Nov.12, 01:15 PM
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0 respect gets you gone if I am not mistaken.
2006.Nov.12, 04:34 PM
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there are days i have gotten attacked 40times a day. just a part of the game, but what can ya do?

just be humble, try to work something out with the stronger gang. and do your best to surpass them so that it doesnt happen again.

Key to success: "Dress everyday like you're gonna get murdered in those clothes.
2006.Nov.12, 04:43 PM
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Winning is fun, losing sucks, but just remember, it is just a game

If God is our father, you thought, then Satan must be our cousin
2006.Nov.12, 04:47 PM
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yeah, the essence of the game boiled down to a sentence lol

Key to success: "Dress everyday like you're gonna get murdered in those clothes.
2006.Nov.13, 04:38 AM
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at least ur surrenders were accepted
2006.Nov.13, 11:04 AM
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We feel lucky i was hosptilised 40 times today and are in 4 gang wars for no reason