New Forum Moderator - Weebay
2008.Oct.01, 01:26 AM
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2008.Oct.01, 03:24 AM
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WTG Weebs!! Biggrin

Using your Riot Axe you hit for 4724 points of damage. XXX resists 102 for a total of 4622 damage.

steve says
steve says
you sure got some big chesticles, howl
2008.Oct.01, 04:05 AM
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Well done mr cool
2008.Oct.01, 07:49 AM
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Nice Job man!
2008.Oct.01, 08:33 AM
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Congratulations Smile
2008.Oct.01, 09:04 AM
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Way to go! I know you would do it. Smile

2008.Oct.01, 09:44 AM
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2008.Oct.01, 09:52 AM
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how did he get to be mod? Evil

our great war´╗┐ is a spiritual war

our great depression is our lives...
2008.Oct.01, 09:54 AM
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Because he talks sense
2008.Oct.01, 09:56 AM
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And he isnt a con artist