Respecting the privacy of others
2008.Sep.05, 11:53 PM
Respecting the privacy of others
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I deal with a lot of personal information in AwakenedLands. I protect this information religiously. I've never shared this information with anyone, and even Err does not have access to it. This information is considered private and confidential, and is protected as such.

Anyone who posts the personal information of another player or admin publicly on our forums or in-game will be permanently banned. Regardless of how this information was obtained, it is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. Not only will they be permanently banned, but if any laws are broken or any damages are incurred due to this behavior we will seek any and all legal means available to protect ourselves and those of our community.

This also applies to the posting of personal information on any public website or medium that results in personal damages.

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2008.Sep.07, 07:35 PM
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If God is our father, you thought, then Satan must be our cousin
2008.Sep.07, 07:39 PM
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That's what I call "taking a game too seriously and too far"...
2008.Sep.07, 07:47 PM
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good move imo

if we all wanted our real names and pictures out there why would we play a game with "characters"

2008.Sep.08, 05:41 AM
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Punisher Wrote:good move imo

if we all wanted our real names and pictures out there why would we play a game with "characters"

thats it,maybe some will think before they do or say now :roll:
2008.Sep.08, 05:44 AM
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Don't get your hopes up for that, Shadowguard.
2008.Sep.08, 06:12 AM
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TommiTheTaco Wrote:Don't get your hopes up for that, Shadowguard.

please do not shatter my hope and dreams lol lol lol lol
2008.Sep.08, 06:17 AM
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lol I'll try not to next time.
2008.Sep.08, 06:35 AM
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lol, its all good bro
2008.Sep.08, 08:54 AM
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I understand your point here Zen.It is important to keep things private,however what they actually did,and I have no idea about it,but as a rule was not implemented until after the offense would a warning not have sufficed? I really have no idea what they did but I am sure they would not have done it knowing they would get fed jailed.

For the record I never knew these players so have no bias towards them.

Perhaps a few more details to clear things up a bit.