Tips for donators
2006.Oct.17, 03:21 PM
Tips for donators
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Don't blow all of your credits on refreshes or jailbusts.

Increase your Endurance, this has helped me immensely with my gym gains.

Buy the best house you can afford (see chris' post on the Game Assistance By Players forum) Happiness also increases your gym returns.

These two suggestions will help you squeeze every stat point you possibly can out of every train. And as we all know, stats are everything!!

=-=-=-=-=-=- ALSO

If you need cash, but not right away, try selling credits on the market instead of turning into the donation house. you'll get much better returns. I can typically get $325 per credit and not have to wait more than 2-3 days for the auction to sell. thats a $125 gain over the donation houses $200/per...
2006.Oct.28, 09:21 AM
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also make use of the credit market now. prices there have dropped to the point of giving them away.

spend everything on donator days and endurance, no point in paying 25credits for endurance anymore since 80% of the players and tremendously good jailbusters
2007.Mar.03, 06:25 PM
Re: Tips for donators
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TheGeek Wrote:Increase your Endurance, this has helped me immensely with my gym gains.

Does endurance increases your gym trains??
2007.Mar.03, 06:31 PM
Re: Tips for donators
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SteelCurtain1979 Wrote:
TheGeek Wrote:Increase your Endurance, this has helped me immensely with my gym gains.

Does endurance increases your gym trains??
I am reading it, but I am chemically enhanced at the moment, so not sure if I am "reading"

I'll tell you in a few minutes, as soon as my energy refreshes.
2007.Mar.03, 06:43 PM
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well, it seems to help a little. I just spent 200 credits on Endurance and my training went from high 18's to very low 19's.
2007.Mar.03, 06:43 PM
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endurance definitely enhances you gym gains. however, adding a little bit of endurance will not yield significant gym gain increases. the difference between 10 endurance and 5 endurance however, is very noticable and for those playing often, quite significant.

This isnt to say you shouldn't get endurance, but to remind people not to give up on endurance if they convert a couple hundred creds to endurance and don't notice much difference, just keep upping it, it will make a difference.
2007.Mar.03, 06:52 PM
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thanks for clearing that up
2007.Mar.04, 01:57 AM
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you will notice it on the big trains.

those with low endurance can bypass this.

say you have 45energy points on full energy bar, train 15, attack 1. and then wait for happiness and energy to get back up to full, if happiness doesnt get full you attack once more.

its a rhytm you get into, train, attack, train, attack....

the smaller trains the bigger gains, and thats the truth even with my endurance. so those willing to train OFTEN will outgain those on bigger train with 3-4dev points on a 60EP train.

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2007.Mar.23, 01:32 PM
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It seems to me that 500 credits can increase either int or end by about 1 full level..As soon as I reached lvl 8 in int, I was able to pull off the complex meth lab crime everytime without fail.
2007.Mar.23, 05:46 PM
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Wow, If your only level 12 and having success at the complex lab ($1000+), you are already ahead of me. I wish I had spent a lot of credits on INT in the beginning. I can do it with some success now (6 INT). You should be making a lot of cash.