[FAQ] How did Awakened Lands start?
2006.Jun.18, 01:28 AM
[FAQ] How did Awakened Lands start?
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Awakened Lands is the brainchild of Zenith and Err, former players of similar games such as Torn City and Criminal Country. While not completely our original code or even our original plan for an online game, Awakened Lands has grown by the artistic and programming abilities by Zenith and Err.

Awakened Lands is based off the code purchased from Dabomstew, originator of Monocountry. Over 150 hours by Zenith and Err were put into rewriting code we didn't like, and adding code we thought would make the game more enjoyable. After much work and testing, the original code was almost completely changed in terms of game mechanics. Combat, donation options, statistics, and many other things were completely altered to fit into the mold we wanted for the game, with many more changes and additions on the horizon.

The game was actually launched slightly sooner than expected, thanks to Google's automatic search engine spiders. So here we are still technically in beta, but open to everyone.

Much credit has to go to Dabomstew for providing this code to us (albeit for a considerable fee). He has greatly influenced our game, as well as many of the Monocountry offshoots such as Metrowars, Criminal Country, Bloodynation, and others. Without Dabomstew, we would have spent no less than an extra six months in development on Awakened Lands prior to being remotely ready for a game.

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin