I give up...
2006.Oct.09, 05:49 PM
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it happened to me once,i was at about lvl 2 or 3.
2006.Oct.09, 06:02 PM
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I changed the coding today on this and then noticed this thread. Coincedence.

There has been a major increase in "oops I clicked the wrong spot" emails to me lately. Now I can't ensure you click combat-related links when in combat, but there needs to be penalties for this or everyone who is losing in combat will just click something else.

You now won't lose all your XP anymore, but you will lose some. My suggestion is to be more careful, and carry stimpacks. You are going to be sent to the hospital along with XP loss.

Usually if someone gets hit by this, they are repeat offenders. Also, I find it interesting that most of the time someone gets hit by this, they had just leveled and have very little XP to lose.

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2006.Oct.09, 06:12 PM
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lol... that's really not the case here, I got hit for over 3300XP, the records will show that. No way I did this on purpose.

What I'd suggest would be to not allow clicking outside links during combat- if you try, you get an error message saying 'you are currently in combat, you cannot do this', whatever. If you leave a battle unattended for say, 2/3 minutes, you lose twice the XP you would have done if you'd lost normally and get hospitalised for twice the time too.

That'd be my personal idea to stop any cheating in battle, and also stop legiitimate errors.
2006.Oct.09, 10:31 PM
Re: ARGGG....
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and, u should know which one will be the last hit.
sometimes i was just stuck at one page which didnt refresh anymore.
then i click my weapon again.
there it show :u can not refresh at same time...etc....
then i miss the 3 choices page,
no doubt i gain no exp but i lose energy.
2006.Oct.09, 10:57 PM
Re: ARGGG....
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Monk205 Wrote:What i really hate about some forums is when you post an important forum and people leaveing comments just wonder off the subject and then your forum is forgotten..... Sad

u r posting this in every forum now.dont cry bout it.
2006.Oct.09, 10:58 PM
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and besides u cry bout that but it got nothing 2 do with this forum so now ur doing something that u dont like others 2 do