if you have an idea for the game
2007.Aug.04, 06:35 PM
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The higher your happiness, the more dev points you'll get per energy point spent in training.

It also affects a lot of other stuff in the game. Take it that happiness is 1 of the most important thing in this game.
2007.Aug.16, 03:44 PM
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They should make Drug Deal and Drug Runs crimes.

Illegal street racing, placing bets between NPC's of the game and then letting players bet on which car will win by looking at statistics of the cars.

Thank You Biggrin
2007.Oct.06, 10:46 AM
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make a busines
2007.Oct.06, 10:55 AM
Re: deals
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Sujiti Wrote:make a busines
Could you develop your idea a little bit less please? I don't really have enough free time to read all the details you gave... lol
2007.Oct.06, 12:45 PM
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2007.Oct.06, 01:35 PM
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Hey i think we should all try to be a donator and it might bring more people to the game.
2007.Oct.06, 02:30 PM
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there should be bank loans Biggrin
2007.Oct.23, 07:13 PM
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i think the game should be able to see the chariter that would be kool
2007.Oct.24, 03:36 AM
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Yer, unless you look like a putty kat.
2007.Oct.24, 09:16 AM
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I would like a taco.