Game Updates for July 2008
2008.Sep.29, 01:27 AM
Game Updates for July 2008
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  • Fixed bug where players in the hospital could use certain special abilities not intended to be available while recovering from injury.

  • Updated the last 7 day gang war defend list.
  • Improved performance as well as added some more information to the list.
  • Improved performance of the gang war summary pages and added extra information.
  • Added unread mail notifications to the Gang link in the left menu.
  • Renamed "Your Gang" to "Gang".
  • Unread messages show as green, wars show as red.
  • Clicking on Gang goes to your gang home page.
  • Clicking on the green notification for gang mail goes to your gang inbox.
  • Clicking on the red notification goes to your gang war page.

  • Updated the last 7 day gang war attack list.
  • Improved performance as well as added some more information to the list.

  • Updated the Bioplex Assistant to a faster performing version. Monthly totals are updated at midnight each night. Clicking on each month for the daily breakdown has the current day's data in real-time. This was done for performance reasons.

  • Added numerous security procedures for various parts of the site to help improve site performance.
  • In an effort to improve gang mass mailing, gang mail has been added to the mail page. All mass mail sent via the gang mail feature will now skip the inbox and go straight to the gang mail section. This was done to help reduce lag from the mail system, as over half of the 2 million mails we have stored are mass mails from gangs.
  • Fixed issue where the correct messages were not showing or showing as already read (guess I should check the development server's mysql version before going live).

  • Fixed skill grade over 100%.

  • The search function in our forums has been causing some lag lately due to the size of the forum database. The search function is now only available when logged in. In addition, the "Off The Wall" and "Trade Moderator" forum sections will be auto-pruned each day to remove old topics.
  • Player profiles in the forums are now only viewable when logged in to improve server performance.
  • Implemented multiple forum code changes for security purposes.

  • Security updates for the forums.
  • Moved "Off the Wall" and "Gang Recruitment" forum sections to be viewable only while logged in.

  • Added a white-washed layout option for those in a working environment who don't want their boss to walk by and see some black/red/green web page open. Eliminates the logo and menu images on the left. It is available on your in-game preferences page. Does not alter the login page nor the forums.

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