[FAQ] What are donations for and what do they do?
2006.Jun.17, 01:41 PM
[FAQ] What are donations for and what do they do?
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Donations for the game are a way of showing support for Awakened Lands. They are not required to play the game, nor are they required to get ahead in the game. You will never be required to pay money to play.

So why even have donations?
Donations are what this game lives on. Without donations, the game wouldn't exist. Donations provide revenue to pay hosting fees, advertising, and development costs. Plus the developers need to eat.

What happens when I donate?
Donating is as simple as clicking on the donate link under the Account section in the left-side menu of the game. This will lead you to the Awakened Lands Donation page. Here you are offered 3 different donation options which all provide in-game credits. There is even a link to the Donator House on this page which shows the current available options for using your credits.

If you decide to donate by clicking on the Make a Donation links, you will be taken to a Paypal donation page. Just follow the steps, and once your donation has been received, you will be automatically credited with your donation credits. Most of the time this is immediate, but some payments may take a while to be credited due to Paypal.

Why do you offer perks for Donators?
We are not going to lie to you, we want you to donate. Donators help the game grow, and that's what Awakened Lands Developers want. If you are unable to donate that is fine; we won't look down on anyone who plays for free. But for those who do decide they'd like to donate, we offer benefits.

So what sort of benefits do Donators get?
The donation house is set up so players can pick and choose their benefits. They can opt for the donator pack, which provides faster refreshes of in-game Energy and Action Points as well as better gym training gains. They can also opt for automatic energy refreshes, jail breaks, money, or stat increases that normally are only upgradable through school courses or jobs.

Any donation option provides these choices. It's all up to the donator to decide what to spend their game credits on.

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