who are...
2008.May.21, 02:06 PM
who are...
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TripsT - probably 1477



these players? these are their login name i think

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2008.May.21, 02:24 PM
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they are probably inactives and have tags like this one:

December 13, 2006 Christmas 2006 ...... Training Champion

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2008.May.21, 04:18 PM
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tripst = keysersoze... inactive

darkklaw was an active player for one day who won a unique item, never to return again.

not sure about that other dude.
2008.May.21, 04:37 PM
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they all won a unique item. that is why i asked if someone knows who they are.

I was looking for some info on that SIC armour and i found some announcements about the winners of the Christmas axe, Santa coat, etc...

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2008.May.22, 01:35 PM
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TripsT was an extremly active player .He was actually the 1st player to base his fighting ability strictly on mellee weapons.

He now goes by a different name and i an innactive. TripsT was part of the Elders gang allong with Sam,angel,jubei,Sarge,Chris. they then became pestilence and grew to be an extremly powerfull gang. lets say that the 7 or 9 of them could pretty much dominate the entire game.

not sure about the others