How much INT is needed for Complex Meth Lab?
2008.May.08, 03:33 PM
How much INT is needed for Complex Meth Lab?
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any idea?
2008.May.08, 03:34 PM
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2008.May.08, 04:49 PM
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I've been doing it from 7
2008.May.08, 06:01 PM
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Same.. 7 int is all u need to have a decent success rate.

8 would be even better of course.
2008.May.08, 07:25 PM
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seven and level 9 i think

2008.May.08, 08:27 PM
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Hmm not sure 7 intel and lvl 9 will get you a decent % of success though. i'd wait til 12-14 with only 7 intel, imo.

As shown here, it has been modified at some point and it ain't as easy as it was when some of us started.

[Image: methjailedhu9.jpg]
2008.May.08, 11:13 PM
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7.5 for consistancy.
2008.May.09, 01:34 AM
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i've been on them since seven, but lately i've getting better cash from stealing sports cars.
2008.May.09, 08:37 AM
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What kinda of money do you make fro this crime?
2008.May.09, 09:21 AM
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