Game Updates for September 2007
2007.Oct.04, 11:57 PM
Game Updates for September 2007
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  • Name changing is now limited to 1 change per 24 hours and the privilege is now for players who have reached at least level 3 (which nowadays happens within a day).
  • Players changing their name to something inappropriate forfeit their name-changing privileges and will have their name reverted back to their login name (or an alternative name if their login name is also inappropriate).

  • Added personal item storage units to the game.
  • Each player gets a free storage unit with a capacity to hold 50 kg of items (Donators get 100 kg).
  • Upgrading a storage unit to increase it's capacity costs the listed price on the storage page, and has an additional $10 daily fee per rating over 1. This fee must be paid each day or the storage facility manager will not allow you to access your storage unit.
  • Players who have the free unit with no upgrades have no daily fee.
  • Storage units are a way to lessen your inventory weight. As a side-effect to using your storage unit, it merges similar items stored inside. Items such as armor shielding belts that can have their own "shield status" will only be merged if they have identical status ratings.
  • Players will see a "storage" link in their inventory for each item that can be placed in storage. When a storage unit has reached its capacity, this storage link disappears. You will also be unable to place items in storage if it makes the unit go beyond its capacity.

  • Fixed refresh rounding issue.

  • Item and cash transfers between donators are no longer IP-address restricted. IP-restrictions have not changed for non-donators. Please note this involves item/cash transfers between 2 donators only.
  • Transfers involving a donator and a non-donator still have the same non-donator restriction.

  • Fixed item equip bug.
  • Fixed prices of drinks.

  • Fixed bug with politician's career special ability to negotiate lower bail amounts for players. All effects of excess cash in the economy due to this bug have been corrected. Jail bail amounts cap out at $5,000,000. If a player's jail sentence is over 1,000 minutes, the judge will refuse to set a bail amount. This affects politicians as well, since they cannot negotiate a lower bail amount for a sentence that has no bail amount set.
  • Fixed an issue with winning a gang war and receiving negative gang points due to the opponent repairing more than damage received when attacked by multiple gangs at the same time.

  • Re-organized the gang page.
  • Added 3 lists with aggregate information in the last 7 days for war attacks, war defenses, and hideout repair.
  • The hideout repair link no longer is available on the main page unless your hideout needs repair.
  • The old staff function list for gangs has now been moved to the main gang page.
  • Gang events has been moved from the main gang page to it's own events page, and shows the last 25 events instead of last 10.

  • Fixed issue with gang wars where a "piggybacking" gang could earn full gang points for doing only a minor amount of damage to an opponent.
  • Now gang points are earned based on the percentage of damage the gang scores against the enemy. For example, say an opponent normally earns 20 gang points when defeated in a war. Two gangs attack, one doing 90% of the damage and the other gang doing 10%. The gang doing 90% of the damage will receive 18 gang points while the 10% gang will earn 2 gang points. As a side effect, attacking gangs at less than full hideout strength will result in less gang points.

  • Fixed cost issue with the $40 trainer only deducting $30 instead of $40. For those few who qualify for this trainer, your discounts are no longer available.

  • Fixed donator house bug.

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