Voting options while in jail/hospital.
2008.Nov.17, 12:47 AM
Voting options while in jail/hospital.
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Instead of only getting to the voting booth thru explore (which you can't access in either of the above) why not making it a permanent tab available from anywhere.
When I'm in the hospital or jail I don't have anything better to do than vote. What better time to allow me access to the option.
2008.Nov.17, 12:52 AM
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ppl in jail dont get to vote
but the hospital sounds promising
2008.Nov.17, 03:34 AM
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Just do it when your out of jail.Its not like your in jail 24/7
2008.Nov.17, 08:33 PM
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maybe you havn't looked lately?
2009.Jan.25, 11:11 AM
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Still a great idea.
What else do you have to do while waiting in jail or Hospital?
And it'd be easy to add.
If you want the votes, make it an option.
2009.Jan.27, 11:52 PM
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We can vote ?
2009.Jan.28, 08:10 AM
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That's a good idea. Maybe even reduce your sentence by X minutes.