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2006.Sep.10, 05:03 AM
forum messages
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does anyone use them?
2006.Sep.10, 06:14 AM
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you, i supose ?
2006.Sep.10, 06:38 AM
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i just looked at the thing at the top that said you have no messages. I just wondered if anyone used it in the forums because iv used it like once in the time iv been playing
2006.Sep.10, 06:54 AM
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i dont chat with people over mail or something, i supose im boring or shit..
i use msn and icq, and irc sometimes

here in-game mail system only to send/recieve mails like "thanks for busting me out" or "thanks for trying" Smile
2006.Sep.11, 06:52 AM
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ROFl... forums is only for if u dont got their msn... or anything like that

and ur 2 lazy to go back into game and type their id and all that stuff...

but im just one of those few... i guess lol

but no one likes me so i recieve no mail...

and if u spam my inbox in the actual game or forums u will regret it Twisted