Where can i get the helmet for the a303 military vest?
2007.Dec.12, 11:03 AM
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i checked the rural district store, and its not there.

any better pointers?
2007.Dec.12, 11:40 AM
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actually, he has a good point, just because you want to know where something is, doesnt actually mean that youre interested in buying

anyone know where i can buy a case of astro lube? a small case would be fine, nothing fancy, just straight up astro lube. nothing but the good stuff. i dont realy want to buy it, IM JUST CURIOUS
2007.Dec.12, 09:24 PM
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allright allright.

id like to know where it is, cause ill want to buy it soon when ill have the money.

thank you
2007.Dec.12, 09:40 PM
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* Added helmets to the items list. Helmets come in 8 varieties at the moment. They add to the effectiveness of armor, but provide no benefit if no armor is worn. Five low to mid helmets are found in Argyle's in Downtown. Three more can be found in the Military Surplus. Make sure you check out the story behind this in the forums. In addition, make sure to read some of the descriptions of the helmets, as they provide some info on how effective a helmet is with a certain armor type.

Midlan has dyneema and AL203, the third was SIC (sold out). Have you considered looking downtown?
2007.Dec.21, 07:44 PM
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Yup, verified, aint there...

2007.Dec.22, 02:52 AM
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How do you consider the AA303 Military Vest: mid-level; armour, below average, or high-end armor..read the info for every helmet in downtown and choose the one that you think it best suits the military vest