Attribute Meter
2006.Sep.02, 11:35 AM
Attribute Meter
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I'm not a big fan of the new attribute display meter. I personally think that the way it was with the exact number of skill points showing was much better. You could train your points to the exact amount you wanted to. The current meter leaves it to the imagination...very vague. On the other hand, it could just be me. Who thought the old display was better?
2006.Sep.02, 12:37 PM
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to b honest smokes.. the new system is better..

for it keeps the field at an even rate...

but it all comes back to... who has the time to sit here and bust their arses to get it done..

yeah being able to see wat ur stat was.. so u could figure out wat u wanted to get it to was great and all... but its still the same now...

i got a rating of 3 on my dex..

i want a rating of 5 on it before i move onto my next stats..

so its still the same..
2006.Sep.02, 01:58 PM
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For right now, what it will do is clump up people at the start of their bars, much more so than the clumps you had before, usually at the x000 or x500 points. It will be even more pronounced when the info for combat/item reqs filter out to the masses. There will be beter points than othres, and you will really see more clumping then.
2006.Sep.08, 05:58 PM
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i agree with smokes cos i dnt realy know how to follow the new meters i think the old 1s were easier
2006.Sep.09, 06:06 AM
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I like the new ones, the numbers would get out of hand and people would have millions of stats. This way they may get to a few hundred.
2006.Sep.09, 01:15 PM
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im not fussed about it, the only thing im having trouble with is the way the gym uses the old numbers.
2006.Sep.09, 04:24 PM
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Ya, I think the value displayed at the gym and the rating system for the stats on your homepage should be the same. display the both in the old system or both in the new system as long as they match.
2006.Sep.12, 02:02 AM
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I like this meter as it is... but I think it'd be nice to also have how many stats you've trained up to that point, and/or how much you need for next level... I have no idea whatsoever how high my stats actually are now.
2006.Sep.12, 08:50 AM
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im not a fan of the new attribute display aswell can the admins change it back