[FAQ] How do I enroll in an education class?
2006.Jun.11, 12:38 AM
[FAQ] How do I enroll in an education class?
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The classes at the gym provide benefits to all who complete the course work. However, you must meet some requirements to actually start the class.

All classes have some sort of requirement that needs to be met. Some are easier to enroll in that others. The course description usually includes a course number. The lower this number, the easier it will be to enroll in.

All classes will cost some amount of energy if you have enough cash to enroll. Make sure you have 100% of your energy prior to enrolling. If you have enough cash and energy for the class, you will be notified that successfully enrolled.

Some classes may require more energy than your maximum energy meter. These classes require higher levels to enroll in, cost more, take longer to complete, and provide better returns. So work on that experience so you can get in the higher-level classes!

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