New Statistics on Home Page
2006.Aug.28, 11:34 PM
New Statistics on Home Page
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What the hell happened? I was training my stats and all of a sudden my stats went from the thousands to the teens with some cool looking status bars?!?! I am assuming that once the status bars are all green, your rating goes up by one and you start all over... correct?
2006.Aug.28, 11:48 PM
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damn i hope so
2006.Aug.29, 12:05 AM
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Think of your stats similar to leveling. Training provides development points, which are similar to experience points.

Everyone's stats were basically experience points for each stat. The more you had, the better. It's still that way, but now stats are no longer viewed in the thousands (or as time goes by, millions!).

The old system provided a significant gap in stat gains as one leveled. For a level 1 character gaining 20 points might take all day in a stat, while a level 20 could get that training half their energy once. Pretty much you could never catch someone higher in level.

Now the gains are more linear, as the higher a stat is, the more development points it will take to reach the next stat rating. So progressing from stat rating 1 to 2 will take a level 1 about as long as a level 10player going from rating 9 to 10.

The new statistics system goes well with our upcoming combat and skills additions.

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2006.Aug.29, 07:04 AM
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i like the stats development bars because they help me to see how much i have trained up those stats and i know how much i need. Great idea. Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin
2006.Aug.29, 11:21 AM
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So how does this affect crimes, combat, training etc.? Do they still use the old points system?
2006.Aug.29, 11:02 PM
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Another question would you ideally want your stats to equal your level, or are they two totally seperate entities?
2006.Aug.29, 11:29 PM
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My rankings are 12/11/10/10, so I would say no.

I would shoot for a ranking that allows you to use weapons, such as the T250 requires a 12 ACC rank.
2006.Aug.30, 01:17 AM
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Chris Mangano Wrote:So how does this affect crimes, combat, training etc.? Do they still use the old points system?

Currently things are exactly as before with crimes, combat, and training. Things will change however when we get off our butts and finish our new combat code. Stat ratings will be of great importance, and development points will be used in tie-breakers. A new skills addition is in the works, and will further supplement your stats in certain situations (combat, crimes, etc).

The stats "change" was to keep stat gains at a linear progression as a player gained levels. The previous method of stat gains made beginners look pathetic compared to high-level characters. Looking at the long-term position of characters showed us the original stat progression just didn't work.

No one has lost anything in terms of stats. Everyone has their stat points as before, but they are now seen as stat development points.

The reason we released this portion of the code prior to the major additions was 1) to get a feel on how people will react, and 2) to get everyone acquainted to the new ratings prior to releasing the combat changes.

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2006.Aug.30, 05:36 AM
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a lot of things are changing on this game and its so great, it feels like the whole game has been updated to some sort of new level.
2006.Aug.30, 09:53 AM
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Again Zen you are taking the game to a higher level. I have been away on holiday for a couple of weeks and i am now back and realise how much i have been missing this game.

Keep up the great work.