2006.Aug.19, 12:35 PM
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i looked at the hospital today (no choice really cos i was in it), and saw that there was a load of people in by Chris and CASANOVA, mainly chris. I recon that in a fight chris would win every time. o god time for me to be killed by CASANOVA. Who do you think would win in a fight, and who is the best player?

CASANOVAs got the level but chris has the experience and the stats.
2006.Aug.19, 12:52 PM
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Haha. That was my feeble attempt to keep pace with CASANOVA in levels. I just can't do it, takes way too much time and effort for me. I just hope I can stay within a level of him now.
2006.Aug.19, 01:14 PM
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now CASANOVAs got like 20 people in hospital
2006.Aug.19, 01:35 PM
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Chris is the stronger player, I would be the first to admit it.If I have angered anyone during my attacks I apologise.
I am trying to level as fast as possible and that requires alot of attacks. Twisted
2006.Aug.19, 02:20 PM
Post: #5

stats over attacking any day..

lvl dont matter if u got the stats Wink
2006.Aug.19, 02:23 PM
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Oh, I got both. 8)
2006.Aug.19, 03:13 PM
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why dont u just make a gang of ur own ud be able to one bomb evry1
2006.Aug.19, 06:34 PM
Post: #8

i hope that wasntt for me lol...

cause im no good at being leader... and i just started lol
2006.Aug.20, 10:47 AM
Post: #9
maybe it should be renamed CASANOVA vs awakenedlands
2006.Aug.20, 03:15 PM
Post: #10
omg hes got zenith. Regroup regroup lol