why and who?
2021.Dec.01, 11:37 PM
why and who?
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quick question, who is paying the hosting fees for the game and why?

if they are paying why not restart development and try to grow the player base again, since they are paying to keep it going?

otherwise just let it die.

i mean look at the other game that rhymes with lorn city back in the day (way back) they used to compete, why not again?
2021.Dec.02, 11:57 PM
RE: why and who?
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Heard it all before lol
2021.Dec.03, 06:45 AM
RE: why and who?
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i have been away for many years only to find the game still going lol.

im just curious.
2021.Dec.06, 05:20 PM
RE: why and who?
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I would guess there are still a few that donate. By now I would bet that those donations keep the lights on. I'm guessing the hosting fee for such minimal requirements are not overly expensive.

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2022.Jan.09, 12:53 AM
RE: why and who?
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interesting thanks
2022.Jun.30, 09:45 AM
RE: why and who?
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