Selling axe if anyone still needs
2018.Sep.27, 11:58 AM
Selling axe if anyone still needs
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Broyles Inc. Ionized Ono Axe
Item Type Melee (Axe)
Legality Illegal
Availability Rating 0
Concealment Rating 0
Weight (kilograms) 5.0 kg
Standard Price $800,000
Trade-in Value $110,000
While a rarity among melee axes, the Sohei Ono is actually intended for agriculture and labor. Sohei monks however adapted to using them with great skill. Current versions of the weapon work around its weaknesses by strengthening and lightening the entire 4-foot weapon by using titanium. Broyles Inc has added an ionization charge to the blade to defeat many armors.
Item Requirements
Strength 35
Dexterity 28
Endurance 17

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