Some easy ideas
2017.Apr.27, 12:18 PM
Some easy ideas
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I understand u want something new but seriously I think this was a shit idea destroying the reality of the game if you want that I suggest you find another game to play this is in my interest taken from another game and I not interest in any of those things you said we have that with skills and career may be some crimes with Assination and bank jobs could be entered not new but makes sense yes this is a gang option but can be done alone also .

This is thought of also but could be handy for people that can't afford to donate is a we perk in credit crimes made like stim crimes only harder so it can't be abused and all makes it so people can trade them or save them for status just putting that out their.

And a gambling thing on drag racing I'm not sure on this but fits in somewhere like giving a few models to chose form all at equal power but all have a 50/50 percent Chance of winning just for laughs and boredom with a cap on how much you can bet not very high I thinking as its hard to make money.

I think the gang thing is fine how it is but the grenades would be really good to see I sure it could be done not used against people but hideouts I like gives it a nice flavor I feel.

Weapons are fine as they are I feel they went to fast with handing out uniques in comps hence why this stopped I think destroying the uniqueness of weapons.

I'm also think the odds and evens comp needs rethinking or replaced its boring as hell and way one sided. keep the prize the same but find another have to replace it as. New comes low stated people can't compete.

I personally dont mind if they don't come up with new comps put a surprise comp now and then wouldn't go a stay may be thats how uniques could get brought back into the game I'm trying to cut down coding time with all those ideas I'm just thinking at the moment.

How do you,s feel on this subject.
PS I don't won't to here about any trolling.