29 Candy canes
2015.Oct.13, 06:25 PM
29 Candy canes
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1.1 mil for the lot. PM me.
2015.Oct.14, 05:36 AM
RE: 29 Candy canes
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bit pricey!

I tried being a comedian once.
But I had to quit.....

Because everyone kept laughing at me.
2015.Nov.01, 12:25 AM
RE: 29 Candy canes
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so did he sell them or was everyone who saw this too busy laughing?

Using your Riot Axe you hit for 4724 points of damage. XXX resists 102 for a total of 4622 damage.

steve says
steve says
you sure got some big chesticles, howl
2015.Nov.02, 05:41 PM
RE: 29 Candy canes
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he hasn't been on since LOL