5k bust
2015.Jan.30, 01:16 PM
5k bust
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It's gum day and I want out. 5k if you bust me @ 125 mins right now.
Out - too bad the few new players don't troll the forums, they could use the 5k
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2015.Jan.30, 05:45 PM
RE: 5k bust
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I remember when forum users outnumbered nonforum users.

MickyFilth hits VerboseCollegeKid for 1653 damage. VerboseCollegeKid resists 27 for a total of 1626 damage.
FilthyMick hits AlphaCentauri for 1619 damage. AlphaCentauri resists 67 for a total of 1552 damage.
2015.Jan.31, 08:54 PM
RE: 5k bust
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