Bests Weapons
2013.Aug.26, 08:43 PM
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Oh I was referring to his stats lol, basing on what you said that he blew a lot of creds to stat up, I guess that's what gave me the extra experience than the usual for that range.

Oh well, doesn't matter a I'm gonna retire soon..... From leveling that is Smile
2013.Aug.27, 12:14 PM
RE: Bests Weapons
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I know that kid. His stats are in the 20's

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2013.Aug.27, 07:21 PM
RE: Bests Weapons
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I don't know about weapons, but 36 is da best.

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2013.Aug.27, 11:31 PM
RE: Bests Weapons
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Best PvP - Best Hideout

SBM, Long blade, Axe, blunt.

I'm not 100% on the the order of the last two, as I've never used a blunt weapon.

I'd recommend Long blade, or Axe though if you must go melee. SBM requires you to level every stat. I think blunt is pretty bad when it comes to PvP. Plus both blunt and SBM swap from int to end near the end game weapons. So unless you're willing to drop some cash I'd stay clear of them.

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2013.Aug.27, 11:45 PM
RE: Bests Weapons
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I used quite a few blunt weapons and let me say...they pack quite a punch...but only top end quality...stay away from schwag
2013.Aug.28, 12:06 AM
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(2013.Aug.27 11:45 PM)DirkDanja Wrote:  ...stay away from schwag

the best advice to ever hit AL

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