2006.Aug.10, 03:14 AM
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i guess this may be a stupid idea.....again, but i clicked on the "my profile" link and all my profile came up, so i clicked on attack, and then it sed "Suicidel, try attacking someone else other than yourself.

Could their be something where you click attack and when it says "Suicidel, try attacking someone else other than yoursel", you click yes or no and you kill yourself.

I dont know what would happen afterwards, maybe you just go to hospital for like 2 days or something, but then that wont be suicide, that would be emo. lol lol lol
2006.Aug.10, 06:36 AM
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i already suggested that
2006.Aug.10, 06:48 AM
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You could always just attack Chris.....that would be suicide for you Smile
2006.Aug.11, 04:02 AM
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sorry about that 666666

i suppose attacking chris would b suicide
2006.Aug.11, 05:26 AM
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2006.Aug.11, 03:16 PM
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Hey, anytime you are feeling down and out and just want to end things, feel free to give me a try. I won't mind.
2006.Aug.20, 05:01 AM
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thanx cris ill bear that in mind
2006.Aug.20, 05:55 AM
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lol.. wats the energy cost to attack ppl?? and wat is it to try and bust ppl??
2006.Aug.22, 02:22 PM
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12 action to bust someone.
12 energy (i think) to attack
2006.Aug.22, 03:20 PM
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It depends on your level.

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