Which is easier/yields more exp
2012.Nov.16, 11:38 AM
Which is easier/yields more exp
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Busting urself out or busting others out? i tried to compile my results and it doesn't seem to differ much, unless i needed more results to begin with

Trying to get the most exp/less risk from busts. If in any case busting myself is easier coz thinking about it logically u only need to take "care" of urself, but if u bust others you need to take "care" of 2 persons which i think is "harder"? i guess?

If self bust is wayy better gain/less risk then id rather jail myself lol Jailbreak
2012.Nov.16, 01:17 PM
RE: Which is easier/yields more exp
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At your level though I think you can still get some decent exp from succeeding crimes as well, might be worth looking at if you get the same exp as from a bust but get some cash too. I assume you are attacking as much as possible?
2012.Nov.16, 01:21 PM
RE: Which is easier/yields more exp
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i think you can bust other people higher than you can bust yourself, also they yield the same experience so far as i know. crimes always give a decent amount when you move to a new one, but as you go they start to give diminishing returns. attacking is probably the most consistent and quickest way to level. especially at low levels with all the inactive targets around

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2012.Nov.16, 09:16 PM
RE: Which is easier/yields more exp
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Not really, i did the 4 ap crimes and if i succeed the best exp they gave me was 4... wtf id rather do busts min minutes: 45 and get 20+ exp than that 4 exp, money isnt a problem for me

and the point of this thread is self busts vs other person busts, so yeah

P.S forgot to mention that i have almost no worries getting caught even if i keep busting ppl out, my gang mates are always understanding and busting me out each time im caught so 95% of the time im free Biggrin
woops double post, sorry, heres my compilation all of which are self induced busts: ( its my previous exp - exp after bust = total exp gained then divided to the total mins busted

5 mins 2.5 mins / 1 exp
= 2

25 mins 2.083 mins / 1 exp
467-479 = 12

30 mins 2.143 mins / 1 exp
479-493 = 14

39 mins 2.167 mins / 1 exp
493-511 = 18

96 mins 1.92 mins / 1 exp //smaller = better
= 50

124 mins 2.07 mins / 1 exp
= 60

148 mins 2 mins / 1 exp
679-753 = 74

159 mins 1.96 mins / 1 exp
783-864 = 81

will update
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2012.Nov.17, 11:12 AM
RE: Which is easier/yields more exp
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This is the most random game you will ever play. The results you get now may not hold true in a month, or even a day. Just a warning

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