Experience needed to bust?
2012.Nov.13, 07:53 PM
Experience needed to bust?
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I have been playing over 5 years now. This is the first time I've encountered this message after trying to bust someone:

"You cannot bust xxxxxxxxx out of jail at this time. You need more experience!"

What does this mean? And how much experience do you need? I never had a problem busting players before.

Thank you.
2012.Nov.13, 10:22 PM
RE: Experience needed to bust?
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its poor verbiage. what it means is for your level, you cannot bust that many mins.

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2012.Nov.14, 03:27 AM
RE: Experience needed to bust?
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sorry mic, but really it means you need more jail busting exp

explanation in the other thread about busting. or you could mail me and get a reply where i'm hungover(more detailed)

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2012.Nov.14, 06:27 AM
RE: Experience needed to bust?
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That McBust kid was lower level and he was killing some good busts.

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2012.Nov.15, 11:52 AM
RE: Experience needed to bust?
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Nevermind. I found out that he was in prison, not jail. So I assume he is unbustable.

Thanks for all your replies.