[FAQ] How do I log into the Forums?
2006.Jun.07, 02:57 PM
[FAQ] How do I log into the Forums?
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No doubt people will wonder how to log into the forums. You can't register for a forums account, it is created when you sign-up for the game. To log in, you must use the login and password you created when signing up for a game account.

Please note, your game login and your game user name are different. You can change your game user name, but your game login will always remain the same.

Passwords for the game and for the forums can be changed and are seperate. The original password you used to create your game account is the password for your forums account. You can change both of these to whatever you want. A change in one does not reflect in the other. If you want to change both, you must change it seperately.

So, when in doubt, your forum login is the original game login and original password for your game login.

In order to log into the forums you must reach a certain level in-game. Once this level is reached, go to your in-game preferences page for the forum activation link. This is done as a direct response to forum spam.