Tarnished Halos Were Singled Out And Destroyed By Unfairness
2007.Jun.13, 11:06 AM
Tarnished Halos Were Singled Out And Destroyed By Unfairness
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If my gang gets destroyed ( Tarnished halos ) does that mean that I have to save up 25,000 and start a NEW one / What happened to all my gang money and can I use the same gang name ?
2007.Jun.13, 02:58 PM
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yes i think u can have the same name again, and yes u have to save another 25,000 and yes u will loose everything the gang has got.
2007.Jun.13, 02:59 PM
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If your gang is about to be destroyed, empty the vault and bank the money. Keep or distribute the credits as you see fit but do not leave anything in the vault or you will lose it when it gets destroyed.

And yes, it cost another 25K's to start a new one. Same name can be used if you want as no other existing gang will wear it.
2007.Jun.13, 03:10 PM
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The Tarnished Angels will RISE AGAIN !!!!!!! Biggrin Twisted
2007.Jun.13, 06:13 PM
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empty your vault if they're about to come thru your front door. that's elementary stuff there.
2007.Jun.14, 02:49 AM
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Dont remember seeing a gang called unfairness? are they in the same family as injustice and unevenness

Conrad attacked the Wranglers and Lost.

Fighting Phish since 2007
2007.Jun.14, 05:37 AM
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& don't forget infidelity
2007.Jun.14, 03:36 PM
Thanks ....
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....to those who responded INTEGILLENTLY ( I spelled it wrong on purpode) to my plight . I will remember your wise words . The rest of you ....your proctologist called and told me that he found your HEAD !!!! lol
2007.Jun.14, 05:52 PM
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did you really expect everyone to feel your pain? you're lucky nobody laughed at you.

still might happen
2007.Jun.14, 07:34 PM
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