2006.Aug.05, 09:51 AM
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i made a comeback article
2006.Aug.05, 09:55 AM
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aww they removed it
2006.Aug.05, 09:57 AM
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You do realize that you have just broken at least one, if not more, laws with your Wiki post... (copied below)

you removed awakened lands cos you are gay (note: possible law broken?)

if this is removed this is proof that you are dictatorial bastards who dont like competition.

Remove this and i will kill you (note: Absolutely against the law)
2006.Aug.05, 02:50 PM
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What you did 666666 is completely unacceptable to me. I regret ever giving you the opportunity to "advertise" on behalf of our community.

Topic closed.

Zenith [2]
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