item market
2006.Jul.26, 01:50 PM
item market
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i was wondering when a person buys an item off you does the money go straight into your pocket?
2006.Jul.26, 01:51 PM
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its because if it did ther could be a problem
2006.Jul.26, 02:56 PM
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Please enlighten me about what could be the problem instead of being vague. The more specific you are, the faster I can fix it.

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2006.Jul.26, 03:02 PM
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im assuming he means that whoever bought it from you would then know they could attack you and repeatedly mug you to get a refund on their purchase.
2006.Jul.26, 03:05 PM
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I believe he is thinking it will be a problem because having the extra cash in his pocket rather than the bank will make him a "target". But being that the Pantheon is set up to show overall wealth rather than how much cash a player has on their person.....he is wrong. It isn't practical to want the money made off an item sold on the market to go straight to your bank account. Lets say you sold me a bicylce in real life...i wouldn't go to your bank and deposit the cash into your account for you, therefore here is the same. Its your, the players responsibility, to get your cash to the bank. Correct me if I'm wrong, but i believe this is what was being alluded to in the initial post on this thread.
2006.Jul.26, 03:26 PM
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luparkoor is right. I dont have anything that i want to sell but i was concerned that another player would end up losing the item they were selling and most of the money as well. You all now how i am about extra security.
2006.Jul.28, 04:12 AM
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666666 Wrote:its because if it did ther could be a problem
only coz youve got a knife for 1,000,000
2006.Jul.28, 04:44 AM
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do u really think any1s gonna buy a knife for $500,000 rofl lol lol lol lol