2007.May.01, 10:27 PM
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Have started an alliance,message me if you would like to join or post here
2007.May.01, 10:39 PM
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Shouldn't you start a gang instead?
2007.May.01, 10:46 PM
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i have a gang,i just left it for awhile to help me get more money on my own,headless1 will accept me back in and give me presidency back
2007.May.01, 11:12 PM
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i dont get it
2007.May.02, 01:36 AM
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i gave my team away to a friend and left for awhile,when he signs back on he will accept my app and give me my gang back,i'm trying to start a really strong alliance,that is why i made this thread
2007.May.02, 05:10 AM
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Put me down for two of those, Razz